Antonio Mezzero, born 22 December 1982 in the small town of Capua, Caserta Italy, is an Italian Pizzaiolo based in Portugal.

After having emigrated with his family to Germany in 1990, at the age of 11, he makes his first pizza with Father. The taste for pasta is born very early and during his journey Antonio decides very soon what his destiny would be.

His arrival in Portugal is an authentic love story at first sight. At the age of 25 he made a trip from Germany to Portugal to come and leave his brother (who was already living in Portugal) and it turned out to be a coming trip with no return. After meeting Portugal and his people, Antonio decides that this would be his home.

The beginning

Determined to pursue his dreams in Portugal, the first few years are working in his brother Michele Mezzero’s restaurant. In this period of time, Antonio falls in love for the second time, but this time by his Wife, Paula.

After two years and after the birth of his first child, things were not going as Antonio had idealized and his return to Germany was already a certainty. Despite his love for Portugal, Antonio wanted to give his family more quality of life.

Thanks to the support of a friend who at the time helped him to stay in portugal and what today Antonio sees as a father, the former Consul of Italy, General Angelo Arena. Antonio decides to risk and open his own pizzeria that would prove to be a huge success.

Pulcinella the Dream

Antonio opens his first space with only 12 seats. Everything to show your dream and present the real Napoletana pizza to the Portuguese. With the growing success of his pizzeria, Antonio bets on the quality and exclusivity to surprise the most illustrious customers that from day to day grew.

On May 26, 2013, Antonio launches his first event in the city of Porto, the Pizza 5 meters to celebrate the 250 years of the Tower of Clerics, Italian Nicolau Nazoni.

On this day, he received the certification of Verace Pizza Napoletana, the first to receive this distinction in Portugal.

The knowledge

Antonio was determined to bring the best Pizza Napoletana can offer to Portugal. In 2013 he participates in his first championship of pizzaiolos, with the aim of seeing how the same was organized and thus bringing the concept to Portugal. He is in 3rd place, position that allows him to participate in the world and still a trip to the European final, but due to the volume of work Antonio can not attend.

In 2014, he founded the Portuguese Pizza Championship, which brought together about 20 pizzerias from all over the country.

Receives the title of ambassador of the Napoletana pizza in Portugal. 1st in Europe and 3rd in the world to receive this distinction.

The conquest

2015 marks the 2nd edition of the Portuguese pizza league with 25 participants.

2016 3rd championship of pizza. He founded the Portuguese selection of Pizzaiolos, which eventually won the Nations Cup in Naples. Individually, Antonio wins the 2nd place in the competition against 480 participants. Had a Pizza called Amália.

2017 returns to consecrate Antonio as vice champion of the world with the Pizza Amália.

This year marks also the passage of the management of the Portuguese Championship of Pizza for his brother, Michele Mezzero. With the aim of evolving his pizza to levels of excellence, Antonio decides to dedicate much of his time to fine-tune his art.

Antonio Mezzero

Antonio’s statement as one of the world’s great pizza restaurants is a reality. 2017 is a year of great events.

Antonio decides to change the name of the space Pulcinella to “Antonio Mezzero”, with the slogan Passione, Arte, Qualità, that represent the way of being in the life of Antonio.

Passione- Passion for the Country, Art-Represents the artistic expression of Antonio in Pizza, Qualità- Despite being a traditionally simple pizza, Antonio gives him his personal touch, giving a sublime taste and refinement.